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About us


About Us

In the early 1990's, founder Shantha Rodrigo found himself a rack system on displaying ready-made garments in an enhanced attractive beautiful ready-made garments showroom which was an unprecedented experience to Sri Lanka.

He was supplying ready-made garments made in his own factory to island wide shops which had ready-made garments packed in old – fashioned display cabinets. He noticed severe lapses in such shops one is the difficulty in the selection of suitable garments as per the choice of the customer. He felt that it was a very severe type of shortcoming. Further; he noticed that the nature of the shop keepers was to offer higher prices and discount a very low amount. He also noticed that the last price offered to customers is very high indeed. He thought it was very unfair. Sale of garments without any standard was another feature prevailed at that period.


Deshanee Dress Point

Deshanee Dress point was established in the early 1990's solving all such shortcomings and adding a large number of novel features merely as a concept by Shantha Rodrigo. He created the method of selecting ready-made garments conveniently by the customers themselves. For that purpose, he introduced a large number of racks designed by him to be used in hanging clothes conveniently for sale. 

Further, within the establishment of first ever showroom at Amblangoda, Sri Lanka in the early 1990's, he was able to sell ready-made garments and accessories at one price having very low profit for himself. The fixed and the lowest price in Sri Lanka were marked in each and every ready-made garment hung on racks. He also introduced Sri Lanka the method of displaying the price by using a substantially large tag card for the convenience of customers. Some customers disliked this method of the fixed price at the beginning as customers were unfamiliar with that method.

What they needed was to purchase with a certain discount. He was the cashier at the first showroom and second showroom at Kaluthara, Sri Lanka. He himself took a great effort to create awareness among customers unaware of this method. Actually he had to explain much to create awareness among them.

In some instances some unsatisfied customers left the showroom. He did not give up his effort. He politely informed such unsatisfied customers to return the place in case they were unable buy the same ready–made garment at a lower rate than that of his from any other place. Such customers returned to him. They begged his pardon and expressed their ideas about the organization. They said that the set up and the organization itself were wonderful.


Shantha Rodrigo Deshanee Dress Point

He trained all the managers, supervisors and sales personnel who served at Deshanee Institutions at that period the way to handle all such occasions.  Management of sales personnel in that manner was another novel experience in Sri Lanka. He made arrangements to employ such well-trained sales personnel at all the showrooms.

The present concept on ready-made garment showrooms was introduced to Sri Lanka by Shantha Rodrigo and Deshanee Dress point. Deshanee Dress point is the “Mahagedara (First House)” of the Art of utilizing showrooms for ready–made garments in Sri Lanka.


Deshanee Dress Point

From the first showroom until to date, every internal designing of all the showrooms, the placement of racks, the nature of racks hare been planned by him. Selection of all the ready-made garments and accessories with care and sending them to showrooms for selling at the lowest price prevailing in Sri Lanka were done under his final supervision and decision. These are the possible reasons for the arrival of a larger and unbelievable number of customers at Deshanee since early 1990’s. 

Subsequently, sixteen Deshanee Dress Point Showrooms were opened at Matara, Dehiwala, Panadura, Maharagama, Galle, Negambo, Kandy, Kurunegala, Wadduwa, Balangoda and Kiribathgoda town in Sri Lanka with enhancing this new concept of ready-made garment showrooms respectively while introducing novel experience to Sri Lanka.


Deshanee Dress Point

  1. Introducing a new system for displaying all ready-made garments with the use of hangers.
  2. Introducing a large number of display racks for displaying ready-made garments.
  3. Introducing a hood constructed below the ceiling so as to fall light beams directly on ready-made garments.
  4. Introducing a drawer system to store ready-made garments in order to obtain them quickly as required, in addition to the     warehouse of the showroom.
  5. Introducing an automatic door system for ready-made garments showrooms.
  6. Construction of a fountain within a ready-made garments showroom.
  7. Construction of a waterfall within a ready-made garments showroom.
  8. Providing facilities to watch T.V. programs within a ready-made garments showroom.
  9. Introducing seating facilities within a ready-made garments showroom for the convenience of customers.
  10. Introducing a separate area for children to play within a ready-made garments showroom.
  11. Introducing a canteen facility within a ready-made garments showroom.
  12. Introducing more attractive and effective advertisement system for ready-made garments showrooms.
  13. Introducing a displaying system for ready-made garments on a black color background with the use of spot lights.
  14. Introducing a large number of cash counters within a ready-made garments showroom to settle bills.
  15. Introducing a separate place for children to watch cartoon films.
  16. Creation of a flower garden within a ready-made garments showroom.
  17. Introducing a free bus service for the convenience the customers.
  18. Introducing a ready-made garments displaying system with the show of half dummies.
  19. Introducing a ready-made garments displaying system by placing dressed dummies on shelves.
  20. Introducing a mini cinema within a ready-made garments show room.

Deshanee Dress point showroom group was the first and the largest group of ready-made garments showrooms in Sri Lanka.


Deshanee Dress Point

At present, according to a novel concept born in Shantha Rodrigo’s mind, action has been taken to open 500 showrooms throughout Sri Lanka and also to open any number of showrooms in other countries in the world according to the “Franchise” system. 

Let us be a part of your journey.


Our culture is one founded on creation, driven by innovation, and sustained by collaboration. United by a common goal, we strive every day to challenge ourselves to become better, wiser, and redefine the box rather than just thinking outside of it. We believe success is only attainable when we recognize individual achievements as well as company milestones. As global citizens concerned about living consciously and thoughtfully, we strive to make every action count towards building a more sustainable world. We reject the mainstream and seek to empower consumers with functional alternatives that fit every lifestyle.


Since 1991, we’ve been helping families and communities think and act greener by selling high quality apparels which could wear more than a decade worth of more than LKR 25 billion (nearly USD 200 million) with replacing some low quality high priced garments. Our hope is to raise a generation of kids who think that green is mainstream and to give them the tools to be change-makers in their schools and communities. 


Provide high quality apparels and accessories for the world to think smart & stylish.   

We believe that ONE dress can make a BIG difference. In fact, we believe that one Deshanee dress can do more than just one thing.